JPS Investigations is owned and operated by Investigator Jorge Sanchez.  Mr. Sanchez is a retired career law enforcement officer with 30 plus years of experience with the San Diego Police Department and other law enforcement agencies within San Diego County.  
During his tenure with the SDPD he was assigned to various high profile investigative units, which included the Street Gang Unit, Robbery Division, Narcotics Division and the San Diego County Regional Auto Theft Task Force (RATT).  Mr. Sanchez training and experience includes very complex and detailed investigations regarding various types of crime, such as aggravated assault, armed robbery, carjacking, narcotic trafficking, homicide and large scale auto/cargo theft investigations.  Mr. Sanchez was classified as an expert witness in the San Diego Municipal, Superior and Federal Courts during each of his assignments. He has also testified and has given depositions in various criminal and civil investigations.
Throughout his law enforcement career Mr. Sanchez received numerous awards from various law enforcement agencies, including the San Diego Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the San Diego County District Attorney's Office, Department of Justice, and several Citizens Commendations for his professionalism and investigative abilities.
Mr. Sanchez was the lead investigator in organized crime cases while assigned to the San Diego Regional Auto Theft Task Force. During that time period he worked hand in hand with various federal agencies such as the FBI, US Customs and DEA.  Mr. Sanchez also worked with local and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the Greater San Diego County area including the District Attorney’s Office, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and the California Department of Insurance. 
After retiring from the San Diego Police Department, Mr. Sanchez worked for the CEO/Owner of The Upper Deck Company, LLC, as the Director of Security.  While with Upper Deck, Mr. Sanchez was responsible for security related matters such as the safe keeping of the company proprietary information, assuring that all the CCTV and and related equipment were all in good working conditions, and assuring that all employees were following the company Standard Operating Procedures.  Mr. Sanchez was also in charge of the CEO's Executive Protection Team, which involved not only the CEO but his immediate family.  

JPS Investigations will provide its clients with the highest level of service.  Our company will strive to deliver honest, punctual service to all our clients.  Each and every client we contract with will be classified as a top priority, which is the standard for what you should expect from a professional investigative service.  You can rest assure maintaining our clients' confidentiality is the company’s highest priority.  JPS Investigations takes pride in providing comprehensive intelligence and direct communication to all our clients.  JPS Investigations will assess your unique situation and goals and will use your information to develop a strategy that best fits your needs.  We will also provide honest recommendations as to whether conducting an investigation would be your best course of action to take.  Please give us an opportunity to serve you and give us a call.
Private Investigator Jorge Sanchez is licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI). CALI  is the largest Private Investigator Association in the world and their goals are to advance the investigation and security profession through education and legislation.